My name is Julia and I love colour! In my young age I didn’t fully understand how art could give everyday life more meaning. As an adult, through harder times, I found myself interested in drawing and paper crafts. It was for the first time when I realized how I totally disconnect from outside world and I find refuge in my creations.

Since I awakened the artist in me I experimented and enjoyed a few different art forms, but I have never been so absorbed and fascinated as I am now about crafting with beads. I see so much beauty in all details of patiently executed beadwork, one bead at a time, there is so much energy and inspiration in crystals and gemstones, femininity, glamour, sparkle, playfulness, brightness. 

I put my heart into every single piece, I am guided by my feelings in the moment and my general idea of beauty. I experimented, I learned a lot on the way and I grew more and more attached to this craft of bead embroidery.

I have many more ideas than time, my imagination rarely takes a break. It is not easy to part with my creations, somehow is like giving away your children, but I know there are so many special women out there who would enjoy and appreciate my hard work.

I was deeply moved along the way by people’s reaction when seeing my jewellery and I humbly thank them for their feedback. It is my passion and their encouragement motivating me to carry on.

Thanks for stopping by!