Why should I choose Bohemian Scene?

If you love art and history besides getting lots of attention, this is a no-brainer. I do not want only to create jewellery, I also aim my pieces to have a meaningful story behind them, to be educational and to honour amazing classic artist’s works or the life of many historical figures. You can’t get anything like this anywhere else.

By choosing a piece from my collections, you will also get pieces of my soul, my endless love for art, for stories and many many sleepless nights. If you will ever fall in love with that necklace featuring a pretty lady, you will end up knowing who she was and maybe even what she believed in. Most of my jewellery comes with documented and researched knowledge :-).


What payment methods do you accept?


For security reasons I only accept payment with Paypal. It only takes an email address and a credit card and you do not need to be registered. More info here:

I will never see your credit card details and if you are the suspicious type, you are also covered by PayPal’s buyer’s protection. Since I am an honest artist taking pride in my skills and business, this information is, of course, for your piece of mind only. You can find out more here:

Do you take custom orders?

Yes. Depending on many factors ( my time, component availability, pricing etc..), I might refuse custom orders. However, I would like to discuss you ideas first.

I will not start making the piece until payment for half of the agreed price is received. Since I might use this to acquire necessary materials for the order, this payment is not refundable. Once started, custom orders are not exchangeable and refundable. I will ship the custom jewellery after payed in full. The payment has to be made no later than 2 weeks after completion.

Can I reserve an item?

Yes. Subject to terms. Read also about layaway plans below.

With no downpayment, I will only reserve an item for 2 calendar days.
Inquire about longer time reservations here.

I can refuse reservation at my discretion. If the case arises, I will inform you of the reason. If the item is reserved and the payments are made on time, I will not have the right to cancel the order without customers’ written permission.


Do you offer layaway payments?

“Layaway is a purchase agreement in which the seller reserves an item for a consumer until the consumer completes all the payments necessary to pay for that item, and only then hands over the item.”- Wikipedia

Yes. If a layaway plan is agreed upon, the first instalment is to be payed on reservation. Each subsequent instalment is to be payed no later that 2 weeks from the previous. I will only agree on maximum 2 or 3 instalments depending on the value of the item.

If a payment is not received on time, the full amount is returned to the customer and the reservation is removed. Please note that non-payment forfeits the future right to reserve other items.


Are discounts available?

Yes, from time to time I will offer coupon codes or free shipping. You would be informed if you follow me on Facebook or Instagram or subscribe to my newsletter.


What about repairs?

I do consider repairs provided the buyer takes charge of all expenses related to returning the item to me and shipping it back.

However, I do not accept changing parts of finished pieces because it is not to the taste of the buyer. I did that in the past at great expense, hence my refusal. Most of these changes require undoing a lot more of the piece than expected and it is very time consuming. Do not buy unless you are convinced the whole piece is to your liking.


Returns and exchanges?

See here.


How do I care for and maintain my Bohemian Scene jewellery?
See here.