Many of my necklaces have unique handmade components. They are always to be protected by storing them in their own lined boxes. Leather chokers, pieces made with silk and fabric should also be protected from dust and dirt at all times. If you treasure your unique piece, you could leave it after you as an heirloom. Like those hand painted queens and princesses used in some of my necklaces, who still inspire today.

Never spray perfume on your neck while wearing a beaded necklace! Same for cuffs. Do not put your jewellery on before perfume dries completely on the skin. Most beads, even those of top quality, will lose shine or change colour in time if exposed to solvents or alcohol.

Avoid leaving your handmade jewellery in direct sunlight for long periods of time as paint or varnishes can be discoloured.

While I strive to use the strongest materials to withstand wear, it is also up to you to handle with care, especially the clasp area of your necklace.

None of the pieces I sell is made to be warn in water.