Auguste Renoir- Jeanne Samary



A romantic delicate necklace which, I hope, brings a proper homage to Auguste Renoir’s painting ” Jeanne Samary”.

The focal is a miniature painting on shell by an artist from Fedoskino. I created a soft and feminine piece by choosing an array of handmade pastel porcelain roses and leaves and light aqua lace. A light pink stone sits in the center framed by two ornate rose gold components and lots of Swarovski pearls and beads, giving it an almost rococo feel. So pretty!

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This focal is a miniature oil painting on shell by a very talented artist from Fedoskino, an art school outside Moskow. The technique to make this mini works of art is quite elaborate, being painted in layers of different opacity and allowing the iridescence of the shell to come through when the light hits it. It is all protected by a few layers of shiny varnish which I believe it's cured in an oven.

The metal components are brass stampings with different patinas applied to them. One has a gorgeous reddish rose-gold colour and another is non-toxic verdigris. I believe they are protected by a layer of varnish, but it is possible to slightly change in colour over time. But this is the beauty of brass, it will give it even more character in time.

Other components used in this piece are hand formed cold porcelain roses (by a lovely lady in Thailand), a vintage Czech glass leaf, many Swarovski crystals and pearls and Japanese beads. It closes with an antique copper hook and eye clasp and it is adjustable.

Léontine Pauline Jeanne Samary was a French actress at the Comédie-Française and a model for Auguste Renoir. He painted her around a dozen times. This portrait '"La Rêverie'' (56x47 cm ) was painted in 1877 and it is displayed in Pushkin Museum, Moscow,

Additional information

Size / Weight

The pendant measures 4 3/8″ (111mm) + 1 3/4″(45mm) the drop and a maximum 3 1/4″ (83mm) in width. It hangs a max 8″ (203mm) and it is up to 1 1/2″ (38mm) adjustable. It weighs 75g.


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Care & Maintenance

Do not let perfume or cosmetics come in direct contact with the beads and components. While I choose my material carefully and I try to provide the best quality, if not properly taken care of, all beads will change or lose colour or shine in time if exposed to chemicals.

Handle the fragile components with care especially the clasp area. Be gentle! Because I use lots of fragile components made of clay or porcelain, I advise to keep the jewellery in their own boxes out of harm's way. I do consider repairs, but subject to certain conditions.

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