Femme Fatale Necklace



A chic French inspired necklace with hand drawn enamel illustration of a femme fatale, Multi strand bead necklace, a patina metal bow, feathers and French calligraphy beads.

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This is a very special and playful necklace constructed around a hand drawn enamel illustration of a femme fatale by Emilie from 2moiselles. I bought is as a pair with another face of the same woman - Mutine (translated Mischivous)- see necklace here. I was so inspired by these 2 and I created these pieces in the same style: multi strand lampwork glass beads, hardly two alike, black metal stampings with red patina, rhinestones, French calligraphy acrylic beads and antique copper hardware.

The red sequins, tiny pearl beads and feathers pick up a little playfulness I see in this image. The drawing sits on a polymer clay background painted with metallic rich burgundy and gold. It is all stitched on black leather with gold speckles. I used the same leather for the backing. A gorgeous and truly unique piece!


Additional information

Size / Weight

The front measures 6 5/8″ (170mm) including the drops and a maximum 2 3/8″ (60mm) where the illustration is. It hangs on three rows of various glass beads approximately 17"(440mm) in length and it's about 2 5/8"(66mm) adjustable.


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Care & Maintenance

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