Steampunk rust leather cuff



Gorgeous and unique hand embroidered cuff on distressed copper metallic leather. A handmade distressed ceramic focal, a copper angel and a raku component, surrounded by lace, sequins, Czech spike beads.Wonderful!

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This is probably my favourite cuff of all I made so far. It is constructed on the most gorgeous hand painted and distressed Italian leather. I used a series of unique components: a raku element-the close up photo (read about raku technique below), a quote ceramic bracelet link, lace, antique copper cherub stamping and Czech glass spike beads. It was Pulitzer Prize winning historian Laurel Thatcher Ulrich who originally said " Well behaved women seldom make history" in an 1976 article. I just love the craftsmanship on this rusty-patina component!

Raku is an old Japanese pottery technique where the clay piece is removed suddenly from the hot kiln causing it to cool rapidly. The firing is done in a chamber where combustible materials like straw are lit causing the glazes to turn into surprising and delightful finishes. The finishes are literally "painted" with fire. How fascinating!

This is a detailed high quality piece which will get you many many compliments. Show you bold side!



Additional information

Size / Weight

This cuff is constructed on a aluminum base approximately 6in (152mm) in length by 1 3/4in (45mm) wide. The finished width is 2 1/8" (54mm). It will fit an average size wrist and it is slightly adjustable.


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Care & Maintenance

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